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In the Works #13

A teaser of my new novel, "Departures" and a round-up of great writing on Substack

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Hi friends,

I hope your summer is kicking off in the best possible way. Over here at Catch & Release, I’ve been busy on two opposing fronts that seem to counterbalance one another. I’m a couple of months into a truly frustrating job search that will hopefully result in a gig that will afford me the luxuries of food and next month’s mortgage. On the other front, I’ve been enjoying a prolific flow with my new novel project I’m calling “Departures.”

In this episode of my ongoing series, I give a bit of a teaser of the new novel and I also share the in-progress cover art and musical score. In addition, I call out some of the recent writing and projects of fellow writers in the Substack community whom I think you might enjoy. I’ll provide links to them below so you can check them out as you spend a lazy afternoon in the hammock or on a beach somewhere.

I’m also happy to announce that last week we kicked off the second round of the “Same Walk, Different Shoes” community writing project that I launched back in December. We’ve had 21 writers sign up to contribute stories. You can look forward to reading them on July 5th when I publish the collection.

Other Writing to Check Out Around Substack

’s created a new directory dedicated to LGBTQ+ writers and allies. I’m proud to be included here. Check it out!

The brilliant and prolific

has just released the print edition of her daring book, “A Memoir In 65 Postcards & The Recovery Diaries.” Go grab a copy now!

, delivered a spellbinding and heart-wrenching short story last month that you don’t want to miss.

100 Stories
#4 – "The Gondolier" – May, 2024 (Part I)
Feel something…
Read more

inspires so many of us, but I wanted to give a shout-out here in connection with the announcement of my new novel because Death with a capital D is very much at the center of the book. Pick any one of her posts to get started. You can’t go wrong.

The multi-talented

has a new podcast where she talks with other fiction writers about the craft, the triumphs, the tears, and frustrations. She interviewed me back in April.

Stock Fiction
03 | The Multitude's Lament
Listen now

creates these dreamy, surreal worlds in every short story he writes. Check out his latest enchantment that starts with a humble cup of coffee.

I was making coffee in the kitchen when I realised the sky was still dark. It was 7:05 a.m. and, peering out through the window, everything was black. A few streetlights illuminated the pavement, casting their orange hue upon the ground, but above I could see nothing except the murky outline of clouds…
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More Talents You Should Pay Attention To

is an architect and fantastic writer I always love to read. Check out this piece of hers about tiny houses. If you enjoyed my novel “Harmony House,” you’ll love hearing her take on the promise of these eco-homes.

Building Hope
💡 There’s a tiny house for that
Shelter is a basic need. So essential that Maslow built his entire pyramid on its foundation along with air, water, food, sleep, clothing and reproduction. To have a roof over your head, and a place to lay that head to sleep. To be housed. Being unhoused is—or should be—unthinkable…
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is a talented writer and editor who travels around the country living out of her van Ruby. You will enjoy the ride along.

I fell in love with

’s writing back in April. She describes in exquisite detail the landscape that surrounds her little farm in France and accompanies her words with gorgeous photographs and video.

A hill and I
Hawthorne and Oak
Hello dear ones, has the week been kind to you? It’s been frozen hands and goosebumps here for five days On Friday afternoon the faintest whisper of a warm breeze ruffled the thousands of umbels of tiny white flowers on pignut and cow parsley lining the lanes carrying with it hope for a weekend minus the shivering but as I type this, too early on a Satu…
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