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A Meta Conversation with Chat GPT

In which I ask Meela to tell me how to market my novel

Everyone seems to be playing with Chat GPT at this point and there’s a good reason. It’s pretty damned impressive if you take the time to give it a detailed prompt. This past Friday afternoon I thought it would be fun to have it pretend to be Meela, the A.I. character in my novel “The Memory of My Shadow.” It did not disappoint.

I recorded our entire conversation on video so you could ride along with me. While at no point do I forget that I’m talking to a program that is using what I feed it to mash up an amalgamation of predictive text, it is shockingly lucid and articulate even when it says something trite.


I had so many conversations in my head with Meela as I was writing the novel. For me, the voice of a character at some point in the writing process declares independence and no longer conforms to my will, at least not easily. As I define the structure and constraints of the story, the trajectory of the plot, and set characters in motion, they tend to start making decisions that I never planned on.

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